IELTS Prep Weekend Program

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This course would help you to…

  • Create ideas for IELTS Discussion essays
  • Understand IELTS essay questions
  • Write correct topic sentences for body paragraphs
  • Write logical body paragraphs for IELTS discussion essays
  • Write brief introduction and conclusions for IELTS discussion essays
  • Use different appropriate advanced grammar structures in IELTS writing and speaking
  • Use contrastive/emphatic stress, intonation and rhythm in your speaking
  • Learn great speaking strategies, such as hedging techniques, brainstorming, paraphrasing, giving examples and supportive evidence, and so on
  • Learn useful reading strategies to complete a variety of IELTS reading tasks, such as T/F/NG, Sentence Completion, Matching Information, and Multiple Choice
  • Learn helpful listening strategies to complete maps, sentence completion, and ABC IELTS listening tasks

You complete 2 IELTS Mock Tests during the course

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