IELTS Prep Evening Program

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This course would help you to…

  • Come up with ideas for IELTS Opinion essays
  • Use a Tell me-Show me-So What Approach to write IELTS opinion parts of essay paragraphs
  • Write brief introduction and conclusions for IELTS opinion essays
  • Improve your writing’s coherence and cohesion
  • Improve your grammar accuracy
  • Use a extended range of lexical items in your speaking and writing
  • Complete a variety of IELTS Reading Tasks, such as matching headings, matching information, and Gap filling exercises
  • Learn helpful reading strategies, such as Arabic Reading, Table word, skimming, etc.
  • Learn helpful IELTS listening strategies, to answer IELTS Listening Part 3 and Part 4
  • Speak at least for up to 2 minutes (IELTS Speaking Interview Part 2)
  • Response difficult IELTS question (IELTS Speaking Interview Part 3)

You complete 2 IELTS Mock Tests during the course

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