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Omid Rezaei

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A message from the Director

To improve one’s performance in IELTS, the most important requirements are a strategy-based teaching program, a comfortable learning environment and highly experienced teachers. If you would like to have all these in one place then, Novin IELTS School is exactly where you need to be.

Omid Rezaei


Advantages Of Preparing For IELTS With Us

  • Novin English School

    Proven Results

    Over 40 of our students scored 7.0 or above in IELTS in 2020 alone.
  • CELPIP Training Online

    Small Class Average

    You will be part of a small class with max 10 students.
  • CELPIP Online Training

    Affordable Fees

    Starting from $360 a month, our course fees are among one of the most affordable in Toronto.

Successful Curriculum Prepared By IELTS Examiners

  • CELPIP Online Training


    Before you start your IELTS Preparation Program, you need to take a Mock Test. The test identifies your strengths and weaknesses.
  • CELPIP Preparation Course Online

    Study Plan

    The study plan determines the skills you need to focus on, and the activities you must complete to improve these skills to achieve a high Band Score in IELTS.
  • CELPIP Training Online

    Continous Feedback

    Our instructors are all professionals. They will give you detailed feedback every week via an email, and will provide you practical activities to improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Strategies That Work For Paper-Based And Computer-Delivery IELTS

  • Online IELTS Tutor

    Paper-based IELTS Preparation

  • CELPIP Training Online

    Computer-delivered IELTS Preparation

Paper-based or Computer-delivered IELTS ?

It's the same test. But if you are comfortable typing and you are fast in using computers, go for the computer delivered-test. If you are used to taking notes during practice tests, take the paper-based test. You can draw, highlight and make notes if you take the computer-delivered test too. However, it is not that easy to do all of these activities on a computer screen.

We Offer IELTS Programs For Academic And General Training Tests

CELPIP Preparation Course Online

IELTS Academic for Students

Our training courses is going to help you develop familiarity with the format of the IELTS Academic Test, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn appropriate techniques and strategies to improve your IELTS Band Scores in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Parts. You will also take some IELTS mock tests during your IELTS training course.

CELPIP Training Online

IELTS General Training for Immigration

The program is going to help you understand what to expect in the IELTS General Training Test, including: how to cope with nerves, how to finish different types of listening, reading, writing, and speaking tasks, how to avoid common errors, how to recognize your errors and correct them, and how to answer easy questions first and skip over the more difficult ones until later.

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Our Location

Offering In-Person English Classes across North York, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and the surrounding areas.

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